Transforming lives both physically and financially.  Chem2Clean evolved from my passion for healthy living and a deep desire to reduce chemical use and exposure to toxins. As a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and loving friend to many it is important for me to educate and bring awareness about how harmful chemicals affect both our health and the environment.  Be sure to click on the links and videos throughout this site to learn more.

My Transformation

By taking control of my health and reducing my exposure to toxins, I have not only achieved greater energy and dropped two clothing sizes, my friends are even saying that I am “aging backwards”!

Did you realize that everywhere we go, we are surrounded by toxins?  I want to encourage those within my sphere of influence to be productive and engaged with the world around us just as my teammate, Katie, did as her story was highlighted on her local news channel.

Go to my Health & Wellness page to find videos and a link to fantastic solutions for a healthy self.  If you want to reduce chemical use in your home and link to fun ways to help your environment, go to my Environment page.

Take care of your body – it’s the only one you have.  Did you know that there are amazing benefits of a balanced, protein-pacing, low-calorie diet? Check out this article from Skidmore College and this, more detailed, article from NCBI for additional details.

I have more energy, I feel better, I look better than I have in years!  True freedom comes when comparison ends! The only comparison that is acceptable is: Am I better today than I was yesterday?”

You too can live a legacy that will last for generations.  Start now!